National Qualifying Tournament Conduct and Entry forms

There are currently eight national qualifying tournaments conducted two weekends prior to the national championships.

For an athlete to qualify to compete in the NCWA National Championships he must compete in one of the qualifying events Below.

Great Lakes Conference -  TBA

Mid-Atlantic Conference - Liberty University - Liberty Campus - [email protected]

Mid-East Conference - Host : Temple University - Kurt Paroly - 215-595-4526 
[email protected] - Venue: Moorestown High –350 Bridgeboro Rd. Moorestown, NJ.

North East Conference - Host: Springfield Technical Community College 
                                     1 Armory Square, Springfield, MA 01105
North West Conference -  TBA

South East Conference -   TBA

South West Conference - Host: Richland College - Dallas, TX - [email protected]

West Coast Conference -  TBA

ATHLETE QUALIFICATIONS(see Current NCWA Wrestling Plan for more specific details)
To enter the Qualifying Tournament an athlete must:
1. Be currently attending a member institution with no less than a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (documented by the school registrar)
2. Have successfully competed in a minimum of two separate NCWA hosted competitions during the regular season.
3. Completed and submitted the appropriate entry forms with attached $35 entry fee.

For a Successful Nationals all NCWA programs must work together to produce a top notch event for our athletes
1. Each conference should help man one score table throughout the event - (Typically 6 workers rotate)
2. Table workers receive free admission to the entire event, an event T-Shirt and have access to the Hospitality Suite email [email protected] with volunteers CLICK BELOW FOR:

NCWA Forms



All potential hosts should closely review the following best practices before attempting to host a national qualifying event. Before bidding for the event a host must be certain they can comply with all required elements and that all involved parties have agreed through mutual contract to items needed to produce a successful, high caber event

Requirements for Hosting a Conference Event

1. Signed Contract with event facility submitted to NCWA no later than December 1 of each season
2. Contracting of the required minimum number of NCAA Certified Officials for event no later than December 31 each season ( should try to find good officials 6 to 9 months out ) 
MINIMUM # of OFFICIALS AND MAT REQUIREMENTS - (these are minimum requirements, more officials and mats may be used)
< 50 athletes = 2 Officials on 2 Mats - 2 required 20 minute breaks ... (Suggested officials fee $200 each) ($400)
51- 80 athletes = 3 Officials on 2 Mats ......(Suggested officials fee $250 each) ($750)
81 - 120 athletes = 4 Officials on 3 Mats.......(Suggested officials fee $225 each) ($900)
121 - 160 athletes = 5 Officials on 4 Mats.......(Suggested officials fee $225 each) ($1,125)
> 161 athletes = 6 Officials on 4 Mats.......(Suggested officials fee $225 each) ($1,350) (add $100 for 2 day event)
3. Officials Compensation, Duties, and maximum hours should be spelled out in the contract
4. The host coach should co-sponsor with the conference chairman and compliance officer the final results, wildcards & nationals entry documents
5. All certified results, and nationals entry forms must be completed and overnight mailed to NCWA on the Monday after the Conference event.
6. All fines and dues must be collected by the host and conference commissioner prior to allowing entry of a team and it's athletes into the event.
7. Host institution must retain the services of a certified athletic trainer
8. All Conference Tournaments must use FloArena software to direct the tournament.
9. Host must acquire adequate liability insurance (NCWA will typically supply needed certificates if requested)
10. Award medals must be ordered from NCWA no later than January 15th each season (NCWA will bear the cost of 3 medals per weight, if ordered by deadline.)
11. Host institution agrees to all the NCWA standardized Conference Tournament Financials below


Entry fees:
The entry fee into the National Qualifying Tournament is $35 per participant
Entry fees shall be handled as below
$10 of each collected entry fee shall be sent to the NCWA
After reasonable documented expenses, (officials, medical staff etc.)
any remaining entry fee proceeds shall be deposited in the Conference Treasury

Gate Proceeds: All gate receipts shall be retained by the host institution. ( Gate fees may range from $0 to $20 per person )

Concession Sales: Profit on all sales of apparel, food Items or other materials shall be retained by the host institution.

Sponsorships: Any local sponsorship, advertising revenue or donations shall be the property of the host institution.


The Conference Tournament Committee is typically made up of the following 3 individuals ( Primary Responsibility below)
Host institution Coach - Facility, Venue set-up, tear-down, Medical Staff, Tournament Staff & Officials
Conference Chairman - Reporting results and submitting all required documents to NCWA..via overnight mail
Conference Commissioner - Athlete check-in, Academic & Eligibility Compliance, Collecting fees & fines.

The Tournament Committee will jointly be responsible to:
1. Conduct the event seeding meeting
Seeding meeting time and date must be posted on the conference info website a minimum of 10 days prior to the meeting
2. Resolve any disputes or official protests during the event, using the NCAA rulebook where applicable.
3. Conducting the after conference meeting to address:
Wildcard applications to nationals **
Discussing rule changes to be brought to the NCWA
Determining the host of the following years Conference Championships
Changing any rules / guidelines of their conference.
Voting on new Conference leadership
Newly voted in leadership shall take office at the seeding meeting of that years national championships
4. Holding the conference chairman accountable for supplying the NCWA with event results, wildcard, and all other information
required for their conference to be represented at the national championships.


Each Conference Chairman will have input into the seeds at the national tournament. Scott Sherman (UNF Coach) has developed a spreadsheet that will calculate the input given from each Conference Chairman. It is critical that coaches email him your conference results by Sunday evening following the Conference Tournament. Scott will enter names into the spreadsheet and email back to you for your recommendations.

Timeline - Deadlines:
1.) Sunday evening, following conference, chairman report results to NCWA via email.
2.) That Monday evening, Scott Sherman (Asst Exec. Director) will email spreadsheet to each Conference Chair for seed recommendations
3.) Tuesday morning, all Conference Chairman recommendations must be returned to Scott Sherman for calculations.
(Please Note: if Scott does not have your recommendations by the deadline, then your input will not be considered).
4.) Wednesday morning Scott submits Conference Chairman combined seed recommendations to NCWA w/copy to Conference Chairman.
5) Thursday NCWA Seeds and draws brackets. to be published after drawing.