Q - Are NCWA Programs Teams or Clubs?

A- The NCWA recognizes University funded programs chartered in the Athletic or Student Services Departments. Teams chartered on the campus of NCAA Wrestling Program's are listed as clubs. ( Penn State, Iowa, Michigan, Lehigh etc ) are true "Clubs" and are designate with the symbol Wc. Other member teams are defined as varsity programs and recognized by their respective institutions to compete against other varsity college wrestling programs. 


Q - Do NCWA Teams Offer Scholarships?

A - Yes, Many do offer various scholarship opportunities, academic, athletic, military and needs based or combinations thereof. Depending on the program, there may be tuition offsets, or grants, but other programs may not offer any financial help. You should contact the coach of the school you are interested in to determine what help they might offer you. 


Q - Do I need to attend a college to wrestle in the NCWA

A - Yes, Not only must you be a registered student at a member institution but the academic standards to maintain eligibility is slightly higher than our NCAA counterparts. Students must be enrolled in a matriculating program moving toward a degree and must maintain at least a 2.0 Cumulative GPA after their freshman season. 


Q - How many years of eligibility do I get in the NCWA

A - Athletes have the opportunity to compete in the NCWA for 4 total years. This includes any years one may have competed in other leagues NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA. 


Q - Can I get a redshirt year in the NCWA

A - NCWA Does NOT have "Redshirt" years per say. There is no time clock on eligibility in the NCWA, so an athlete can take any number of non-competitive years off as he or she likes. But the total of "Actual" competition years in all college competition can be no more than 4.


Q - If I was injured early in one of my seasons, can I get a medical waiver.

A - Yes, you can apply for a medical waiver with the NCWA Judicial Council prior to your last year of competition. Be prepared to provide details and documentation to support your request for an additional year due to medical or unusual circumstances. email your request to [email protected]